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Illustrated book cover titled "a day in the life: bears," featuring various bear species, including polar bears, grizzly bears, and a giant panda, in vibrant, colorful scenes surrounded by flora.
Format: Hardcover
Age Range: 5–8
Book Size: 8 ½” x 10”
ISBN: 9781684493104
Pages: 48
Publication Date: September 5, 2023
Price: US $16.99 / CAN $22.99

Bears (A Day in the Life)

What do Polar Bears, Giant Pandas, and Grizzly Bears Get Up to All Day?

Set over a 24-hour period, meet black bears, grizzlies, and cute polar bear cubs in this kids’ nonfiction book by expert Don Hardeman Jr.

Journey into forests around the world to follow the lives of these furry creatures as they play, hunt, and fight their way through their day. Biologist and black bear expert Don Hardeman Jr. tells the story of the world’s most amazing bears in the style of a nature documentary, including gentle science explanations of topics such as hibernation that are perfect for future biologists. Witness incredible moments including:

•  Grizzlies plucking salmon out of the air as they attempt to swim upstream
•  The dramatic battle between a sloth bear and a tiger
•  A sun bear using its gigantic tongue to get honey from a beehive

Beautifully illustrated by Rebecca Mills and packed with animal facts, Bears (A Day in the Life) encourages kids to look at the roles these incredible mammals play in ecosystems across the globe, and why it’s important we protect them.

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Author & Illustrator

Don W. Hardeman Jr. is a wildlife ecologist, science communicator, and entrepreneur. He has thirteen years of experience in wildlife ecology and conservation with a focus on mammalian carnivores. Don has studied multiple aspects of black bear ecology and the influence of the human-dominated landscape on their behavior. He has also contributed to research on wolves, beavers, Pacific fisher, Island foxes, Desert kit fox, bats, small mammals, raccoons, threatened and endangered herpetofauna, among other species. He is also a science communicator, using his social media to discuss current and previous work. Don founded Ursus Biological, a company that supports the development of energy resources while mitigating the biological impact to threatened and endangered species.

Rebecca Mills is an illustrator based in Perth, Western Australia. Her work is bright, colorful, and fun, focused on balancing playfulness with purpose-driven design. Rebecca’s illustrations have made it into exhibitions and onto print, puzzles, clothing, stamps, even surfboards. Rebecca lives with her husband, two kids, and one very cute dog.

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