Authors + Illustrators

Dr. Jessica L. Ware

Dr. Jessica L. Ware is an insect expert who works at the American Museum of Natural History in New York.

Tyus D. Williams

Tyus D. Williams is a wildlife ecologist and science communicator with a focus on carnivores, especially big cats.

Macken Murphy

Macken Murphy is a writer and science educator. He hosts a weekly podcast about animals called Species.

Stefan Milosavljevich

Stefan Milosavljevich makes videos about archaeology on his YouTube channel Stefan Milo.

Olivia Meikle and Katie Nelson

Olivia Meikle and Katie Nelson are sisters who host the women's history podcast What'sHerName.

Dr. Christle Nwora

Dr. Christle Nwora works at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore.

Dragan Kordić

Dragan Kordić is a children’s book illustrator who lives in Rijeka, Croatia.

Chaaya Prabhat

Chaaya Prabhat is a graphic designer, illustrator, and lettering artist who works in Chennai, India.

Sam Caldwell

Sam Caldwell is an illustrator who grew up in the north of England and studied painting at the Edinburgh College of Art.

Ginnie Hsu

Ginnie Hsu is an artist living in upstate New York, where she teaches illustration at the University of Syracuse.

Dr. David A. Steen

Dr. David A. Steen is a wildlife scientist and conservation biologist. He studies how to protect wildlife in a changing world as research leader...

Chiara Fedele

Chiara Fedele is an acclaimed illustrator whose awards include the prestigious Italian Children’s Literature Prize. She graduated with a degree in illustration from La...