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This is an image of a book cover titled "rewilding" by david a. steen and chiara fedele. the cover features illustrations of a lynx, a bird, a raccoon, a snake, an otter, and a boar surrounded by green flora.
Format: Hardback
Age Range: 8–10
Book Size: 280mm x 228mm
ISBN: 9781838992033
Pages: 80
Publication Date: 5 July, 2022
Price: £12.99


Bringing Wildlife Back Where It Belongs

Discover inspiring stories of wildlife brought back from the brink of extinction in this kids’ non-fiction book about animals and the environment.

Rewilding means returning animals or plants to places where they used to live. In this book, acclaimed conservation biologist and science communicator David A. Steen introduces children to the scientists determined to turn back the hands of time to create a greener future. Read about awe-inspiring rewilding projects, including:

  • The wolves that returned to Yellowstone National Park and dramatically improved the ecosystem
  • The beavers reintroduced to their old territories to build dams to prevent flooding
  • The Galápagos giant tortoises who beat the odds to survive extinction and return to their island home

Throughout the heartwarming true stories, beautifully illustrated by award-winning artist Chiara Fedele, children will learn how different species evolved to live side by side and will see what it takes to be a conservation scientist. They might even be inspired to become a wildlife activist themselves!

By the end of the book kids will be left with a key message: it’s not too late to fix the planet.

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Author & Illustrator

Dr David A. Steen is a wildlife scientist and conservation biologist. He studies how to protect wildlife in a changing world as research leader of amphibians and reptiles at the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. He is also a science communicator – Slate called him “The Best Biologist on Twitter.” Dr Steen founded The Alongside Wildlife Foundation, a nonprofit charity that supports people willing to share landscapes with wild creatures. You can probably find him on the porch with a coffee.

Chiara Fedele is an acclaimed illustrator whose awards include the prestigious Italian Children’s Literature Prize. She graduated with a degree in illustration from La Scuola del Fumetto in Milan, Italy, and uses a combination of traditional and digital media in her illustrations. Her work is published around the world. Chiara lives in a village outside of Milan with her family and pets.

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