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About Us

Born in the midst of a pandemic, Neon Squid creates beautiful non-fiction books for inquisitive kids (and kids at heart). We believe the most amazing stories are real ones, so our books are for children who want to decipher ancient scrolls, orbit distant stars, and dive into the deepest oceans.

We understand that every child is different, so we create books that appeal to all sorts of kids, from fact fans and visual learners to those who like to curl up with a good story. Kids are discerning readers, so we use whatever we can to hook them in – whether that’s intriguing topics, humour (Viking poo anyone?), or amazing illustrations.

Our books are a labour of love – written by experts, illustrated by the best artists around, and produced using the finest materials, including sustainably sourced paper. We hope that by reading them kids are encouraged to further explore the world around them. And maybe, just maybe, they spark an interest that lasts a lifetime.