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Olivia Meikle and Katie Nelson

Olivia Meikle and Katie Nelson are professors, podcasters—and sisters! Their first joint venture was a speculative enterprise where Katie (age 7) attempted to dig a hole to China, and Olivia (age 11) built a hospital for all the worms that came out of the hole. The project went so well that they’ve enjoyed working together ever since. Together they host the popular What’sHerName history podcast. Olivia and Katie are compulsive travellers who have lived on three continents, but now they teach History (Katie) and Women’s Studies (Olivia) on opposite sides of the Rocky Mountains in the USA. Between them, Katie and Olivia have two husbands, five kids, two parakeets, one schnauzer, one hermit crab, and approximately one zillion years of schooling.

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Queens. Warriors. Witches. Revolutionaries. History is full of sisters making their mark.