The Museum (The Inside Story) - Neon Squid - Neon Squid
Format: Hardcover
Age Range: 5–8
Book Size: 276mm x 216mm
ISBN: 9781838993382
Pages: 64
Publication Date: July 11, 2024
Price: £8.99

The Museum

The Inside Story

Find out what goes on behind the scenes at a natural history museum in this illustrated nonfiction story by tour guide Dustin Growick.

This gentle story is an ideal gift shop purchase for kids who have enjoyed a trip around a science museum. It follows the exploits of several characters – including a family, a school trip, and some security guards – over the course of a busy day. Along the way readers will discover how the museum team put on exhibitions and how dinosaur fossils are carefully preserved. They will also gain access to the incredible vaults underground that store 99% of a museum’s collections!

Stunning illustrations by Laura Martín bring the world of a museum to life – from the high-vaulted ceilings of the entrance hall to the planetarium – with plenty of things to spot in the illustrations for eagle-eyed readers.

By the end of the book kids will have a newfound respect for all of the work that goes on to make every museum experience memorable.

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Author & Illustrator

Hugo Cook is an Egyptologist with degrees in Egyptology from Oxford and Cambridge Universities and the largest online following of any UK-based Egyptologist, which he uses to spread enthusiasm and knowledge of all things ancient Egypt. He is a lecturer teaching history, archaeology, and the six ancient languages he knows, and he has worked on several museum exhibitions in the UK and in Egypt.

Laura Martín is an Argentinian illustrator and graphic designer based in Berlin. Her inspiration comes from very diverse sources: nostalgia, friendship, music, books, personal experiences, and simple and happy moments of life. When she’s not drawing, you can find her listening to 80s music, playing the piano, travelling and exploring new places, drinking coffee with friends, or just spending time outdoors.